About 3iEXPO


For the last 51 years, Industrial Products Finder (IPF), India’s largest circulated industrial magazine, has been aiding the growth of Indian manufacturing sector by providing information about latest technologies and products. Last year in 2022 it celebrated its Golden Jubilee Year, by hosting 3i EXPO (IPF for Industry 4.0 & Innovations Expo) on 20-21 May 2022. The show 3i EXPO, which was presented by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation brought all key stakeholders in Industry 4.0 (I4.0) transition — i.e., solution/product providers for I4.0, adopters (especially SMEs) of Industry 4.0 solutions, Policy Makers and even Education Institutes — on one platform. The 3i EXPO will be a 3-in-1 event comprising Exhibition, Conference and IPF Industry Excellence Awards (for innovative products, progressive companies & start-ups, and enterprising entrepreneurs). Now in 2023, 3i EXPO comes out stronger and with a defined purpose to make Indian smart manufacturing a vibrant catalyst to help improve the manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP to 25%.

3i Conference


In this conference, we will focusing on automotive suppliers and OEMs. In recent decades, some companies have been the leaders in implementing innovations in production to improve efficiency. Their initial efforts to implement the factory of the future help to illustrate the use cases and improvement opportunities and serve as a model for other industrial manufacturers. The factories of the future are a vision for how manufacturers should enhance production by making improvements in three dimensions: plant structure, plant digitization, and plant processes.

IPF Awards 2023

Alongside 3i EXPO, Industrial Products Finder (IPF) will be hosting its 7th IPF Industrial Excellence Awards in following categories:

3iEXPO Highlights



Platform for SMEs and industrial manufacturing sector to display products


Gain knowledge on most trending technologies and engineering processes for meeting the need of Industry 4.0


Two-day conference will have experts speaking on Industry 4.0, Robotics, AI, ML, Advanced Automation, Exports, 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), etc.

IPF Awards

7th Industrial Excellence Awards acknowledging the fastest growing manufacturing companies

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