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Mr. Pratap Padode, Managing Director, ASAPP Info Global Group & Editor – in – Chief, Industrial Product Finder

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Demystifying the IT landscape for manufacturing and value chain impact

It’s no secret that modern manufacturing has become increasingly reliant on automation and digitisation. This has accelerated with the advent of Industry 4.0 – resulting in more digital assets from multiple vendors, more connected systems and networks, and more
IP-based web traffic. The high-octane panel shares their experience on activating automation to gain competitive advantage.

  • Overview and Determining objectives of investing in automation
  • Prioritizing digital implementation vs Increasing profitability
  • Infrastructure challenges and solutions
  • Available skillsets and upgradation

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5 step guides for MSME’s to start or upgrade automation journey

Digital technologies are one of the key ingredients for any business, especially MSME, to grow and thrive in today’s world. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), advanced analytics, etc., can help organizations in the MSME
sector to streamline operations and remove obstacles. Considering the colossal contribution of the MSME sector at 29% to the total GDP growth of the country, it is necessary to support the sector with the right technology tools and assist them in reviving their business.

To help MSMEs take a quantum leap towards digitalization, Industrial Product Finder
in association with exploring the present state of tech adoption across MSMEs in India and how they can leverage technology to drive business resilience.

This session is a mini masterclass that takes you through the journey step-by-step and guides you to shift gears from a traditional setup to a digital one.

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To scale digitalization, real-time monitoring is important. This helps factories collect data, and transform it onto a dashboard for a visualized overview. With data connections to all equipment, factories can create an industrial ecosystem. Let’s see how shop floor automation can increase factory digitalization and control different equipment and processes.

  • Creating collaborative automation strategy
  • Logistics flow redesigning for shopfloor
  • Creating paperless and peopleless work floors

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Audience QnA

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Unravelling how IT – OT Integration creates smart factory

The connected factory provides valuable data for manufacturers to make intelligent decisions and respond. A session where we take a virtual trip to _________ factory located at ______ and understand the advantages of a smart factory.

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Driving Cultural Change with Cyber security strategy

Stepping up their cybersecurity efforts

This presentation deep dive into the complex cyber threat landscape facing manufacturers in India and understand the strategic investments to be made to stay ahead of cyber threats, as well as ways to maintain business continuity in the event of a breach.

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Welcome to Day 2

Opportune moment for manufacturing revival in India

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Recap of DAY

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New Industrial Policy for New India

India’s recent manufacturing push with Make-in-India for job creation is a part of the global trend. India’s new industrial policy has unfolded with ease-of-doing-business, production-linked incentives (PLIs), tariffs protection, sectoral missions such as the Semiconductor Mission, and Gati Shakti, among many initiatives. This session highlights on steps government plans to take and what private sector expects.

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Data Monetization as a building block in Manufacturing

12.15 PM

AR & VR in Manufacturing

12.35 PM

Advanced Manufacturing and exploring the cloud capabilities

12.50 PM

Groundbreaking Benefits of Machine Learning and AI for Manufacturing

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Jury Introduction & Unveiling the Annual Issue

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