Custom Logics

Stall Number R3

Custom Logics was conceived in 2002 with the basic aim to explore opportunities in customised electronics hardware design and development, in a software centric Indian Information Technology industry.

Custom Logics was established as Custom Logics Pvt Ltd in the year 2004.

Technology driven R&D based company with 18+ years' experience in - design & development of electronics hardware/ embedded firmware / control software.

Client base of various sectors – Industrial / medical / consumer

Custom Logics became a product-based company in 2014 – with the launch of in-house brand CARCAT®
and product - CARCAT – Ultrasound rat repellent for cars (1st Gen)

2015 - Launched brand GIZMOCAT - Ultrasound rat repellent for machine panels, food trucks, ATMs, etc.

2019 - Launched brand bioVibez - Green automation  Automation & energy saving product line. bioVibez - PIR/LUX - dual outputs motion detection &  controller, Dusk to dawn light switch.